Mickey Propadovich


Founded and headed by Mickey Propadovich, MetaForms – Architects, Inc. has been in the business of providing architectural services in the Chicago area since 1995.  Responsiveness to client needs, creative but logical solutions to problems, attention to detail, and thoroughness in carrying out tasks is the bedrock of MFA’s philosophy.

Mickey Propadovich has been licensed since 1979 to practice architecture in the state of Illinois.  He holds a degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Prior to establishing his independent practice, he was a staff architect first with the Office of Mies van der Rohe and then with Kenneth N. Folgers Architects.

As a staff architect, Mickey Propadovich advanced from a junior architect to a senior project architect, eventually managing all aspects of large commercial and institutional projects, such as corporate office facilities and courtrooms.

At MetaForms-Architects, Mr. Propadovich has provided architectural services to property developers constructing speculative housing ranging from single family homes to multi-unit buildings.  He has also developed designs for large unbuilt residential projects.

Working with private homeowners to design new homes or to remodel and expand existing ones is a challenge which Mickey Propadovich especially enjoys.

In an effort to recycle rundown but structurally sound housing stock, Mickey Propadovich has considerable experience producing drawings for the gutting and rebuilding of vintage apartment buildings.  Such broad renovation provides all the modern amenities that homeowners have come to expect without the need to completely demolish old buildings.

Rounding out his independent practice, Mickey Propadovich has worked with clients to design many thousands of square feet of office space as well as car washes, bars, a physical fitness center, and new store fronts.

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